Moving Projects

To move a project between Computers in Unity (i.e. Computer to laptop, etc) you can do it safely as is:

To copy / move a Unity project:
  1. Enable Version Control Meta Files in Editor Settings
    (This will add a .meta file for each file and folder in your project)
  2. When copying, do not copy the Library folder or the Temp folder (if at all exists).

  3. In most normal circumstances, you only need to copy the Assets and ProjectSettings folders.

    *After copying and opening in Unity, it will automatically generate the Library folder based on your meta files. 


Fixing Intellisense in Visual Studio

There is a common issue on Visual Studio Community, used in Unity, when installing the first time:

Many times, it happened to me, Intellisense does not work inside Visual Studio.

Whats Intellisense?
- Its the autocomplete feature, when writing sentences, and its a basic feature for programming.


Its hard to find a solution, but its easy to make:

1-  Close VS, if opened.

2- Enter your project folder, and delete .vs folder.
3- Then, open VS and it will require to install .NET features: do it, and restart your computer.

Now, problem solved.

Hope it helps to programmers.


Joseph Oli

Unity Remote

Simple solution to not working Unity Remote on your tablet/phone, its easy: ON YOUR DEVICE (tablet , phone): 1) Enable "Developer ...